A Pub, A Restaurant, A Legacy

The griffin, also known as the griffon or gryphon, is a legendary creature with the body of a lion and the head, wings and front legs of an eagle. Its origins can be traced back to Ancient Egyptian and Iranian sculptures as well as some Greek and Roman texts. Since the lion has been traditionally seen as king of the beasts and the eagle king of the birds, the griffin was considered an especially powerful, majestic creature known for guarding treasure and other priceless possessions.
Because of its noble legacy, the griffin is often denoted as a symbol of honour, strength, courage and leadership all attributes of our Canadian Armed Forces. As such, this is why we took the symbol and name of the Griffin for our establishment.

Our Goal

To provide good food, a variety of beverages, good service and a friendly atmosphere for the military personnel and their families, residents of Oromocto and the surrounding area…Cheers.