The Ascot Shop was established in La Jolla, California in 1950. It has been operating in the same location with its charming double Dutch front doors welcoming friends and clients since then. Jack Matzinger was the original founder and Bill White began working there while attending college at San Diego State University. Jack groomed Bill to eventually take over the store and while Bill soon began to run the business, he officially purchased the store from Jack once he retired.
Being founded as a traditional, conservative men’s haberdashery, the store was outgrowing its reputation and was in need of some updating. Bill’s son Andrew joined the store in the mid 1990’s and has been an integral part of the business. He has been responsible for creating a gradual shift toward more modern clothing while maintaining the traditional quality the Ascot Shop has always been proud to offer.
In 2000, the Ascot Shop underwent a complete store remodel, under the supervision of world renowned architect Robert Mosier, who designed the famous Coronado Bay Bridge here in San Diego. The store now showcases its exquisite merchandise with beautiful hardwood flooring, state of the art lighting, antique tables and Honduras mahogany cabinetry.
We are constantly evolving to meet the needs of our customers changing lifestyles and while fashion changes over time, one constant that remains the same…The standard of quality and service you will receive from us will never change.